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About Us

Our Mission is to provide advanced footcare in a therapeutic, aesthetic and hygienic environment. We strive to provide nurturing and individualized care while educating each guest on the health and wellness of their feet. We want to ensure our client's safety therefore we only use the absolute highest form of medical disinfection by sterilizing all implements and tools with an autoclave which is far above the state required standards for salons.

Our founder, Monica Bradley, is a licensed Manicurist of 22 years and has always had a passion for pedicures. She has received advanced training and knowledge from MediNail Learning Academy, that was founded by Dr. Robert Spalding, DPM. Monica currently has the following certifications: Advanced Nail Technologist, Medical Nail Technician and Master Pedicurist. She has also shadowed under a Podiatrist and is able to refer clients that have issues that are outside of her professional scope of practice.

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